Concept art: Creatures – Rob

For this project I will mostly be working at the the design, by creating concepts for the creature and landscape.


The concepts will be used by the 3D modeler (Paul) to create an animated creature. Our schedule is structured so that tasks that require most time will be done first.As a 3D creature takes more time to model and animate, the concept art for the creature has the highest priority.


The first step was to research what the creature should look like. The creature type should be large, intimidating and predatory. I started by making a collection of reference material from several creature types that fit this description.


Drawing from real life

To get an impression of the anatomy and shapes that an animal consists of, I practiced by drawing some creatures from photos. I wanted the creature to have a robust, strong appearance, so I chose to study elephants and bears.




Afterwards, I started making rough sketches of creature designs.




These designs will be discussed within the team during the next class.