Bird’s eye view

There are some explain and information about Birds eye view(over head view).

I think you already know it. Just information 🙂

  • When you shoot your scenes using this angle you should always very carefully consider this view and how it will impact your viewer. In other words, what does it add to the scene?
  • Objects and people being viewed from this angle can tend to look small and unrecognizable. It’s not the shot you want to use if you want to show detail.
  • The overhead shot can also make the subjects in the scene appear to be short and squat. So make sure they don’t look like Smurfs (smile) unless you want them to!
  • And… a little side tip for you foodies out there… The overhead angle is very popular in photographing and videoing food dishes, as you can get a very good look at them and they can be laid out very aesthetically.

I think the Birds eye view too far away from the man is not good.

But I put this angle for thrilling atmosphere.

지미집에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Can we use this….? Jimmy Jib

(Reasonable distance)

The first 3D model

Starting from the sketch

I’ve just received a draft for our monster and i was very excited to work on it.
The monster is build on the drawing of a stone like creature designed by Rob.


Robs monster design

I’ve just started on the monster and there needs to be allot more done but it’s a start.

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I’m working on the head right now, shaping the top half some more and then creating the under jaw. after that i will work out the limbs. but first thing is to discuss the progress.