On spot

On the day 30th of march we went to Buurserzand for shooting the footages.

My Job today is the camera man. I filmed all the footages we need for the editing according to the storyboard. There are several things we did that are worth mention.

  1. we used umbrella to create a nature shadow
  2. we used green screen out door
  3. we tested the green screen footage on spot
  4. we found a nice location




3D advancements

Lately the monster really has been taking shape.
I’ve created claws, the under-jaw and am now working on the legs.
Here i will summarize my work method.

The claws.
For the claws i started out with a basic square and started modeling fingers to attach to the block.
as the hand took a basic shape i started using deformers to bend it into shape.



The arms
Shaping the arms was next.
This wasn’t hard to do, i just added more topology and started twisting and turning to recreate muscle tissue. here i also used deformers to bend it into the right shape and position.


The jaw
I already created the top half of the head, all that was left was a nice strong jaw with teeth.
I started out with the quad-draw tool and made a basic shape.
The rest came pretty naturally.



Adjusting the body
I already created a body but it was modeled after the old sketches, i tweaked some parts and made the humps on his back sharper than before.


To do
I still need to do a few things before the model is finished and can go into texturing and rigging.
I’ busy with the legs and i want to redo the shoulders of the monster.
The shoulders don’t match the sketches and are too small, the monster needs a little bit more volume to properly intimidate his foes.

After the legs and shoulders are done it’s a matter of combining everything and adjusting here and there.

360 video VFX research

The 360 video is going to take place in a forest, where the camera is filming from a static position. To keep a consistent style with the other video, the surroundings have to be altered digitally to get a forest with large rocks that you wouldn’t find in the Netherlands.

Skybox Studio

Skybox studio is a set of plugins and scripts that can be used in Adobe after effects. It allows you to open the 360 video and alter things on the spot.

The tool allows you to work with different perspective types, the following options should be kept in mind.

1. Equirectangular Map

This is basically the 360 video “wrapped open” it is not easy for editing, but allows the user to see an overview of the video in a 2D view.


2. Cube Map

A cube map renders the video in an unfolded cube. This is a great way to view the way 360 video works in 3D space.


3. Sphere Map

A sphere map renders the video in a sphere. The camera is placed in the middle and the video is displayed in the internal view of the sphere.


Applying Skybox

Skybox can be run over an existing 360 video in After Effects. Simply run an included script and select the options you want.

  • We need to import 3D assets, check this in the options.


2D objects

2D objects can be imported using 2D layers.

  • An image will appear distorted because of the spherical shape. This can be solved using the skybox converter option
  • This could be used for object in the background, where the viewer doesn’t see the difference.


3D objects

3D object might be more difficult to achieve, because it needs additional plugins that are not free.

  • A paid option would be Video Copilot’s Element 3D, which allows you to place 3D objects in a similar way to 2D objects.
  • To add realism, we should make use of texture maps, that work with an equirectangular format.