Time table

It’s a rough one before Qu did.

After I get his table, I’ll make it again)

20170405_112437Time table


Final Animatic – Lea & Melanie

We talked about our first animatic with the teacher and he told us some things which we should improve. Therefore, Jun drew a new storyboard. Lea started with the editing, while Melanie searched for suitable sounds.

We overworked it together and watched it to get a result we were happy with.

3D advancements

Lately the monster really has been taking shape.
I’ve created claws, the under-jaw and am now working on the legs.
Here i will summarize my work method.

The claws.
For the claws i started out with a basic square and started modeling fingers to attach to the block.
as the hand took a basic shape i started using deformers to bend it into shape.



The arms
Shaping the arms was next.
This wasn’t hard to do, i just added more topology and started twisting and turning to recreate muscle tissue. here i also used deformers to bend it into the right shape and position.


The jaw
I already created the top half of the head, all that was left was a nice strong jaw with teeth.
I started out with the quad-draw tool and made a basic shape.
The rest came pretty naturally.



Adjusting the body
I already created a body but it was modeled after the old sketches, i tweaked some parts and made the humps on his back sharper than before.


To do
I still need to do a few things before the model is finished and can go into texturing and rigging.
I’ busy with the legs and i want to redo the shoulders of the monster.
The shoulders don’t match the sketches and are too small, the monster needs a little bit more volume to properly intimidate his foes.

After the legs and shoulders are done it’s a matter of combining everything and adjusting here and there.