Rigging the character

Making the skeleton
For the rigging I used tutorials from youtube and a course of Lynda.com. I’ve rigged twice in my life but never with a fully constructed model.
First thing to do was creating a skeleton using the joint tool.

I quickly ran into problems at the hands. I wanted to rotate the fingers on the Y axis but the joints were pointing the wrong way. i followed multiple steps shown on forums and youtube but i could never change the rotation axis of the joints.

Creating the IK and FK handles
I created 2 seperate joints for the left leg and created a IK handle on one and a FK handle on the other. I followed the Lynda course to create a IK/FK switching system but i ran into the same problems ass i did with the hands. I could not change the rotation axis of the joints and the 3 joints i had created had different rotaions.
In the end i created the IK and FK handles right onto the deformation joints.

Weighing down the vertices
After creating the rig i had to weigh down vertices using the Paint Skin Weights Tool. This tool will let you anchor vertices to a selected joint.
this would let you controll how much parts would move when animating the creature.
I weighed down the backscale to the pelvis so it wouldn’t bent while animating the legs and i weighed down the head to the headjoint so everything would move with it and not stretch.





Finished 3D model

Creating the legs
The last step of the 3D model was creating the legs, reworking the shoulders and putting everything together. i’ve started with the legs, creating them very much like i created the hands.

The feet were easy to create and I am quite pleased by how they got together. forming the leg and the hip was the hardest part, to make it look plump but not fat was quite a trick.


Miroring the model
After the legs i put everything in position, i remodelled the shoulders making the create more broad and intimidating and adjusting the spikes. i added some scales on the knees and finnaly i mirrored the whole model over.


The finished model
I’m really happy with what I’ve created, it’s probably my best work till now.
I learned allot and found the joy of working with a good and original reference.

video shooting – backstage

Video shooting day – 30.03.17
Paul picked us up at Saxion and we left to Buurserzand.
After we drove in a circle and used two navigation systems we finally arrived at Buurserzand. Because an old man stopped us from driving to the place we wanted to shoot the video, we had to walk across the country wearing all the equipment. Our shoes got wet and we were happy as we arrived a dry path (the equipment was safe).

Soon, we found our new shooting location and began to set up the equipment for the actual shoot. On the set we got creative in creating a shadow and even wind. We used an umbrella, blankets and a green screen to achieve our intended footage and most important we had a lot of fun.

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