new montage out of raw shooting footage

After the shooting, we made a new Montage out of the raw footage and selected suitable sound files.
It was important for the boys to know how to animate the monster.


video shooting – backstage

Video shooting day – 30.03.17
Paul picked us up at Saxion and we left to Buurserzand.
After we drove in a circle and used two navigation systems we finally arrived at Buurserzand. Because an old man stopped us from driving to the place we wanted to shoot the video, we had to walk across the country wearing all the equipment. Our shoes got wet and we were happy as we arrived a dry path (the equipment was safe).

Soon, we found our new shooting location and began to set up the equipment for the actual shoot. On the set we got creative in creating a shadow and even wind. We used an umbrella, blankets and a green screen to achieve our intended footage and most important we had a lot of fun.

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Tasks dividing

We got the assignment to divide our tasks clearly. Therefore I made a list with everybody’s tasks. Now everything should be clear.

script – Lea & Melanie
storyboard – Jun
animatic – Lea & Melanie
modeling – Paul
Animation – Paul & Rob
vfx – everybody something
directing – Jun
producing – Qu
editing/montage – Lea & Melanie
sound – Lea & Melanie